Steve Award at Heritage Farmstead (1)

Plano Homeowner. Proud Texan. Entrepreneur. Community Volunteer.



I’m a 38-year resident of Plano asking for the privilege to serve as your City Council representative. I’ve been a Plano homeowner since 1983 and a proud Texan since 1977. I’ve had a long and successful career as an entrepreneur. After selling my businesses, I retired and dedicated my time to serving the community of Plano.

I’m a graduate and former chairman of Leadership Plano. I graduated from Plano Citizens Academy and completed CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Training. I have also served more than 7 years on the Plano Library Advisory Board (chairman for 3 years), and the Plano Parks and Recreation Commission.

Community Volunteer

My community service work began when I arrived here from the Midwest, fresh out of college and eager to make my way in the world. I developed a passion for servant leadership especially when it comes to serving our youth. I’m that guy who seems to always raise his hand when someone asks for a volunteer.

That’s how I wound up becoming a Cub Scout den leader over 30 years ago. Long after my boys aged out of the program, I’m still working with a local Scout Troop, helping prepare our youth for an independent future. I currently also serve on the Board of Plano Youth Leadership, which teaches leadership skills to high school sophomores. Along the way I have done stints on the Board of the Plano Chamber and committee work for the Greater Dallas Chamber.

I’m proud of one of my earliest public service efforts – the first combined recruiting campaign for the (then separate) Big Brothers and Sisters organizations in the Metroplex – themed “Help Build a Future Today!

I’ve served on the board and several stints as president of my Homeowners Association. During that time, our neighborhood achieved the Gold Best Neighborhood Recognition. I’m most proud of the way our HOA has drawn the participation of neighbors from diverse backgrounds and cultures – South and East Asian, Anglos, Hispanic, and Black – on the board and in social gatherings.

Plano Homeowner

I’ve been a Plano homeowner since 1983 and a proud Texan since 1977.

My wife, Mary Jacobs, is a journalist and writer (she tells me these are not the same thing) as well as author of two books about Plano. (Shameless plugs: Check out Haunted Plano and Hidden History of Plano). Together, Mary and I have four grown children, all thriving and successfully launched in their own careers and businesses, and one grandchild. My two sons are both graduates of Plano Senior High and both Eagle Scouts.

Proud Texan

As I mentioned, having started five successful businesses in the marketing, advertising and market research areas.  I know how to make things happen and to achieve consensus. I’ve used those skills to build my businesses and now I’d like to use them to build Plano’s prosperous future.

Steve Lavine standing, gesturing a thumbs up, in front of the Plano P display.

City Council, Place 2